Automobile Railway Vessel Other
Sep. 1943 Established “NARA INDUSTRIES” as a subsidiary company of
SUMINOE TEXTILES and started manufacturing and selling.
Jul. 1944 Became “NARA Aircraft Industries” and manufactured wooden goods.
Oct. 1945 Became “SUMINOE FACTORY”
Furniture and seats of Railway manufacturing and selling.
  1947 Started manufacturing seats of Coach in Kyoto plant of
Feb. 1954 Became independent from “SUMINOE FACTORY” and
Established “SUMINOE MOKKOU” in Sakae-city. OSAKA
  1960 Received order of Microbus seats from “NISSAN SHATAI”
Nov. 1961 Opened Kyoto plant
Started manufacturing seats of Coach and Microbus
  1964 Started manufacturing Nasu sinks
Aug. 1970 Business with “IKEDA BUSSAN Co.Ltd.”
Dec.   Opened 2nd plant of Kyoto plant
Started manufacturing seat of SUNNY VAN
Nov. 1972 Invested 10% of stocks by Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1977 Started manufacturing seats of CARAVAN
Started manufacturing spare seats of CHAIR CAB
Set up a welder machine for processed ceiling of SUNNY
Jul. 1983 Opened a new head quarters plant in Kyotanabe-city
Aug.   Changed the name to “SUMINOE INDUSTRIES Co.Ltd.”
Sep.   Started manufacturing seats of SUNNY SEDAN,
simultaneous production and delivery.
Oct.   Invested 13% of stocks by Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.
Invested 8% of stocks by Ikeda Bussan Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1987 Started manufacturing head lining of DAIHATSU CHARADE
Sep.   Started manufacturing massage seats
Apr. 1988 Started manufacturing carpets of SUNNY
Dec.   Started manufacturing seats of S-CARGO
Developed swivel and reclining seats for West Japan Railway Co.
Jan. 1990 Started manufacturing seats of VANETTE
Feb.   Started manufacturing spring up seats of YAMANOTE Line 205
For East Japan Railway Co.
Apr.   Started manufacturing seats of AVENIR
Jul.   Enlarged a building for interior and railway assembly
Sep.   Started manufacturing seats of AD VAN and AD WAGON
Nov. 1991 Started manufacturing seats of vessels
Jan. 1993 Acquired management right of “Hirano Factory Co.”
Nov. 1994 Started manufacturing automatic spring up seats 8200
For “Hankyu Corporation”
May. 1996 Started manufacturing seats of WINGROAD
Nov.   Started manufacturing spring up spare seats
for “Keihan Electric Railway Co.Ltd.”
  1997 Started manufacturing seats of Tokiwa Line E653
for East Japan Railway Co.
Dec. 1998 Started manufacturing seats of new rapid-train 223
For West Japan Railway Co.
Feb. 1999 Developed new seats of MICROBUS and CIVILIAN for model change
Nov.   Started manufacturing swivel reclining seats of
“885 SHIROI-KAMOME” for Kyushu Railway Co.
Sep. 2000 Started manufacturing air conditioner goods of MICROBUS
for Thermo King Co.
Oct.   Started manufacturing swivel reclining seats of
“683 THUNDERBIRD” for West Japan Railway Co.
Dec.   ISO 9001:1994 certification acquired
Apr. 2001 Opened ISEHARA office
Started manufacturing seats of golf cart
for SANYO Electric Golf System Co.Ltd
Jan. 2003 ISO 14001 certification acquired
Mar.   Started manufacturing automatic swivel reclining seats of
“KYUSHU SHINKANSEN 800” for Kyushu Railway Co.
Jul.   Manufactured automatic swivel and regular seats of
“9300 Limited-Express” for Hankyu Co.
Sep.   Manufactured long and cross seats of “TSUKUBA EXP” for
East Japan Railway Co.
Jan. 2004 ISEHARA office moved to Hiratsuka-city and became
Sep.   Started manufacturing CARAVAN-CHAIR CAB WELFARES
Started manufacturing wooden swivel seat of
“Renewal 8000 Limited-Express” for Shikoku Railway Co.
Started manufacturing “New generations long seats” for
Tokyo Metro Co.Ltd, Tokyo Rapid-railway Co. and Tobu Railway Co.
May. 2005 Received orders from West Japan Railway Co. and
East Japan Transport Technology Co.Ltd. for re-covering seats
Jul.   Started manufacturing seats of SERENA WELFARES
For Autech Japan Inc.
Feb. 2006 Received orders from JR Kyushu Jet Ferry Inc.
for re-covering and re-modeling seats of Beetle
Dec.   Received orders from RECARO Inc.
For re-modeling of Jet Ferry special seats
Jan. 2007 Recieving orders from West JR Bus Company and JR Bus KANTO For re-modeling of Highway Bus
Feb.   Recieving for orders from Gotoh Industries Co.Ltd.
for new seats of “381 YAKUMO”
Mar.   Started delivering spring up spare seats of N700
for West Japan Railway Co. and Tokai Railway Co.
Apr.   Started delivering swivel reclining seats of HOT 7000
for Chizu Express Co.Ltd.
Jan. 2008 Started delivering “30000” long-seat for Seibu Railway Co.Ltd
Apr.   Delivered “N3000” automatic swivel and long-seats
for Keihan Electric Railway Co.Ltd.
Oct.   Delivered swivel reclining seats of Onyang Line
for Korea Railroad Corporation
Mar. 2009 Delivered swivel reclining seats of “Nichinan Limited-Express”
for Kyushu Railway Co.
Mar.   Delivered benches of 1st and 3rd base side for SEIBU DOME
Apr.   Started manufacturing CUBE WELFARES
Jun.   Started delivering anti-vibration beds of High Standard Ambulance
Jul.   Delivered “Panda-Twins seat” of Limited-Express Kuroshio
for West Japan Railway Co.
Sep.   Delivered spring-up seat for 3 person for NY Subway
Sep.   Started manufacturing VANETTE WELFARES
Nov.   Delivered long-seats of Touzai Line for Tokyo Metro Co.Ltd.
Nov.   Completed KYUSHU Plant in Yukuhashi-city, FUKUOKA