Environmental Philosophy ◆

According to our slogan “ To be eco-friendly to a human being and the earth”, we do make our best efforts toward the various kinds of ecological activities in order not to leave the negative effects such as pollution to future generation.
We also aim to harmonize with the natural environment and to contribute for local community and society.

Environmental Policy ◆

Based on our environmental philosophy, we establish following environmental policy.

In order to reduce environmental negative impact, we do create and maintain the environmental management system in the following process:
Products as well as manufacturing seats of automobile, railway, vessel and etc.
We observe environment-related regulations and other requirements.
We keep contributing to local community
In order to carry out environmental-friend management, we put the following items into top priority themes:.
Environmental friendly designs
Reduction of wastes.
Energy conservation. (to reduce power consumption and others)
We educate employees to let them understand the environmental policy thoroughly and to improve their awareness of the policy.
In order to accomplish the environmental policy, we make environmental plan and target and we review them periodically. We try to improve the environmental management system continuously and to protect contamination and pollution.

This policy is opened to the public.

April 1st .2008

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental advisory organization to the United Nations, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Established in 1947, ISO currently has more than 138 participant countries and decides on international standards in a variety of areas, ranging from industrial products to services

ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems standard) is…

The company build up the EMS for making trust on external societies internationally and it could appeal as a company which has an awareness of environment. The cost reduction could be also realized.

ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems standard) is…

The company build up the Quality management system for increasing trust on customers and consumers. It could also improve the trust on quality levels internationally. Moreover, the innovation of the business could appeal the company as being over the others.