Mar.16, 2018
Delivery of ourproduced seat to Shikoku Kisen’s liner “Asahi”

 Nov.15, 2017
We introduced our interior goods To “TRAIN SUITE SHIKISEN”

 May 29, 2017
Action Plan of Suminoe Industry Co.,LTD

 May 17, 2017
Received certificate of appreciation At general meeting of Showa Association

 Mar.24, 2017
Installation of “ferry Shodoshima Maru seat”

 Mar.15, 2017
“Specialized seat for Hakone Tozan Railway” Delivery

 Nov.25, 2016
Completion of “Second factory in Kyushu”

 Oct.15, 2016
Introduction of new pipe bender machine To our head office factory (Kyoto)

 Nov.17, 2015
The article about our company got in Business magazine “Creative Kyoto M&T”

 Jun.22, 2015
Transfer of Shonan factory ~ Launching manufacturing business

 May 20, 2015
Received certificate of appreciation
At general meeting of Showa Association

 May 01, 2015
Delivery of our produced seat to Shikoku Kisen’s liner “Naoshima”

 Feb.18, 2015
Received “outstanding technical performance Award of SME’s in 2014”

 Sep.18, 2014
Notification of receiving appreciation Certificate of “SL Ginga”

 Sep.12, 2014
Our company has been
Authorized to “Kyoto HEARTFUL company”

 Apr.16, 2014
The news of receiving certificate of Gratitude by “Tohoku Emotion”

 Jan.31, 2014
Delivery of interior parts for JR East “SL Ginga”

 Nov.13, 2013
SEAT has been displayed at the third Railroad Technology Exhibition

 Oct.31, 2013
Installed displayed railway seat for factory tour Of Kiyoken Yokohama factory

 Oct.21, 2013
JR Kyushu Co., Ltd. “Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu” Installed sweet room bed

 Oct.21, 2013
Replaced renovated bus seat for JR Kyushu “Nanatsu Boshi in Kyushu”

 Oct.19, 2013
Delivery of interior parts to restaurant train For JR East

 Sep.26, 2013
Cross industrial social conference

 Sep.23, 2013
Start training internship students from Kinki University

Introduced second class car seat “SL Banetsu Monogatari”

Renewed the general seat and lady’s Seat of “Konpira 2” and “Ritsurin 2” The liner between Kobe and Takamatsu

 Sep.29, 2012
Our company appears in Asahi Newspaper on September 29th

 Aug.20~31, 2012
Starting the training of internship students from Kinki university

Introduced laser cutting machine to Kyushu factory

 Sep.22, 2011
Suminoe Industries C0., Ltd. was introduced in a TV program, KOKOIRO of ABC

 Jul.16-17, 2011
A newly developing electric wheelchair, QLORA was exhibited in OYANOKOTO・EXPO,
‘taking care of our parents’ at exhibition hall 1, Tokyo International Forum.

 Jun.04, 2011
‘ ASOBOOI ! Let’s have a fun! ’Delivery of Parent and Child Pair Seat.

 Mar.03, 2011
Purchase of Zero Emission EV Nissan LEAF

 Feb.21, 2011
Inter Larken II
It has re-started its operation with its renewed boat from March 2011.

 Aug.18, 2010
We have delivered a seat for a rapid express of catamaran, Paipatiroma.

 Nov.13, 2009
Opening Ceremony of KYUSYU Plant

 Sep.19, 2009
Delivery of the seats for demonstration drive of. SHINKANSEN
West Japan Railway Co.

 Jul.18, 2009
"PANDA-Twins seat" of Limited Express Kuroshio
West Japan Railway Co.

 Mar.02, 2009
We delivered bench seats at first base side and third base side.

 Oct.02, 2008
Started to deliver seats of "Nooriro 200000 limited express"

Updated history
of our past event

 May.31, 2007
The article about our company was published in Kyoto Shimbun (a local newspaper of Kyoto)

 Mar.15, 2007
Introduction of Mold-Paper Input System

 Mar.15, 2007
Introduction of the latest Distribution Measurement of Seat Surface Pressure

 Feb.08, 2007
Delivery of newly-modeled sheet for West Japan JR Bus


● Mar.16, 2018

Delivery of our produced seat to Shikoku Kinsen liner “Asahi”

“Asahi” runs 7 round trips between Uno-Miyaura, 2 round trip between Miyaura-Takamatsu. This is the only service which goes to Takamatsu.
About the armrest, we used wood material and inside the ship has warm atmosphere. “Asahi” has been starting its service from Friday March 16th.

We accomplish to reduce the weight of the boarding seat by 10.90kg which number exceeded the previous plan.

Previously: 46.20kg→The Result:35.30kg Goal: -9.24kg→Actual Result -10.90kg


Guest Seats

Guest Seats. It has very bright atmosphere

Sofa Seat

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● Nov.15, 2017

We were in charge of introducing our interior goods to “TRAIN SUITE SHIKISHIMA”

We installed our designed interior products to “TRAIN SUITE SHIKISHMA” which started its service from May 1st 2017. In honor of our effort, we inform the news of holding the award ceremony and received the shield as memento by East Japan Railway Company.

From the left of the picture,
East Japan Railway Company
Railway business headquarters department of transport vehicle
Senior manager and vehicle technical center chief
Hideyuki Terui

East Japan Railway Company
Railway business headquarters department of transport vehicle
Chairman of vehicle technical center Business reform group
Koki Takagi

Awarding ceremony at out head office factory

Company president Mr. Kaneko receiving the shield from senior manager Mr. Terui

“TRAI SUITE Shikishima” was created as flagship train to fulfill its duty as a bridge for restoration of Great East Japan earthquake.
“TRAIN SUITE Shikishima” provides you the special and extraordinary experiences that can only be enjoyed in this train. The concept of its trip is “Shinyu Tanbo” wishing the passengers to feel happy about discovering something they had never known through experiencing new things with transition of four seasons.

If you have any chance, please join the memorable trip
Thanks to Mr. Terui and Mr. Takagi for coming all the way.

The shield. Token of the appreciation

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● May 29, 2017

Suminoe Industries Co.,LTD action plan

We formulate the following action plans to provide good working environment for all of the employees to be able to sustain the work and childcare. This plan is aiming all of our employees to perform their full potential.

  1. Plan period
    5 years in total: from April 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2022
  2. Content
    Maternity leave, childcare leave, parental benefit, exemption of the social insurance (health insurance and employee pension) during the maternity leave and childcare leave, extension of the childcare leave in case that the child cannot enter the preschool, sharing information about the working style (reduced working hours, exemption of overtime work) after returning from the leave.
  3. Measures
    April, 2017~ Explain the childcare leave system in new hire training
    April,2017~ Demonstrate a training for administrative post

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● May 17, 2017

Received appreciation certificate at general meeting of Showa association

On May 17th, 2017, we received a certificate of appreciation at general meeting held by Showa association (at Oiso prince hotel). At this time, our contribution to early adoption of cost reduction proposition at W41 C-1 activity was highly evaluated and awarded.

The letter of appreciation presented by president of Nissan Shatai Co.,Ltd, Mr. Kimura.

Rewarded companies with president Kimura, Nissan Shatai Co.,Ltd as a central figure.

The letter of appreciation and the crystal as supplementary prize

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● Mar.24, 2017

Delivery of guest seats to ferry Shodoshima Maru

We installed our produced seat to the ferry Shodoshima Maru cruising between Takamatsu and Shodoshima. We used wooden material for the armrests and the seats are designed bright and warm.

A ferry Shodoshima Maru

Guest seat

The overall guest seat. Very warm atmosphere

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● Mar.15, 2017

Installation of the specialized seat for Hakone Tozan Railway

Hakone Tozan Cable Car 3000 series “Allegra”

We used redish fabric for the seat which matches to the color of the train body. For the armrest, plywood material is used in order to bring out the comforting atmosphere.

Redish designed seat and plywood material used for the armrest

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● Nov.25, 2016

The completion of “Kyushu second factory”

On November 25th, the second factory that was under the construction at Kyushu factory has completely handed over.

The completed second factory

The left side is the new facility and the right side is the previous factory

The whole picture of second factory 1

The whole picture of second factory 2

First floor

Second floor

Kyushu second factory; Scale of extension work

The site area : 4647tsubo (15,335 square)
Building area : 916tsubo (3022 square)
Total floor area : 949tsubo (3131 square)

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● Oct.15, 2016

We introduced a new pipe bender machine to the head office factory (Kyoto)

To start in-house manufacturing of bending square pipe and round pipe newly, this model is upgraded compared to the previous one.

The illustration of bended products

Product of OPTON CNC axle pipe bender ECO-ST-T-35 series capability scale

Name of product/
component items
ECO-cross seriesbr /> CNC3 axle pipe bender
Normal precision electric, hydraulic mixed series
General R bending
core bar
core bar
aluminum Core bar
no core bar
core bar
no core bar

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● Nov.17, 2015

Business information magazine “Creative Kyoto M&T”: supporting hardworking companies published an article about Suminoe industry.

The article about our company appeared on the business magazine “Creative Kyoto M&T”: supporting hardworking company on November issue “Kyo no Waza” series Technology of Kyoto.

※ For the further detail, please refer the PDF file.

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● Jun.22, 2015

Transfer of Shonan factory~ starting factory operation

From Monday June 22nd, 2015, Shonan factory has started its operation at new place. The address of new factory is 1-7-16 Tamura, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa

※ For the detail, please refer the company information of this website Shonan factory or check out the overview PDF from here.

The panorama of the new factory and 1F workshop

2F parts storehouse

Office and conference room


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● May 20, 2015

Received an appreciation award at Showa association’s general meeting

On Wednesday May 20th, 2015, we received an appreciation award at general meeting held by Showa association (at Oiso prince hotel). This time, our contribution of developing child car guideline was highly evaluated and rewarded.

Rewarded companies with Mr. Watanabe: the president of Nissan Shatai Co.,Ltd

Received an appreciation award from the president of Nissan Shatai Co.,Ltd, Mr Watanabe

An appreciation certificate and a crystal as supplemental prize

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● May 01, 2015

Delivered guest seat to a ferry “Naoshima” operated by Shikoku Kisen

From Friday May 1st, 2015, we delivered our specialized seat to “Naoshima”: a ferry operated by Shikoku Kisen Co., Ltd runs between Uno to Naoshima (Miyanoura) and Takamatsu to Naoshima (Miyanoura).
This ferry is placed with our newly designed wooden seat which utilize natural sense. (delivered all the guest seats for 292 people)

New ferry “Naoshima” and overview of the guest seats

The guest seats have natural atmosphere drew out from the grain

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● Feb.18, 2015

Rewarded for “The 2015 year’s best technology award of Kyoto’s SME”

The awarding ceremony of the 2015’s best technology award of Kyoto’s SME was held at “Kyoto business exchange fair 2015” on Wednesday, February 18th and our company was rewarded.
The name of rewarded technology and product was the railway vehicle seat made by aluminum die casting. The main structural materials of the railway vehicle seat, especially the materials for movable seat that enables the backrest to move back and forth in the direction of travel, require strengths and durability. For the introduction of aluminum die casting, we designed and developed highly strengthened and none damaged materials and we realized reducing the weight of railway vehicle and the cost down by reducing processing hour significantly.
Aluminum die casting has high material precision which doesn’t require after process or minor adjustment like sheet metal of steel sheet and weld. It reduced the man hour by one fourth and realized cost reduction.

Awarded company for technology reward: Suminoe exhibition booth

The scenery of explaining to the customers at Suminoe Co.,Ltd booth

Commemorative photo of the awarding ceremony

Left: Kyoto Industry 21 chief director Mr. Tsuneo/Nobuo Murata
Center front: president of our company Mr. Kaneko
Center back: development department executive officer Mr. Okamura
Right: lieutenant governor of Kyoto Mr. Akimasa Yamashita

The president Mr. Kaneko receiving certificate of recognition from lieutenant governor of Kyoto Mr. Yamashita

The certificate of recognition of the greatest technology reward of Kyoto SMEs

Award plaque and the supplementary prize (title: Choko Yasumi [Chocolate break] by Mr. Ihaya Yoshihito, Keito, Yoshito

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● Sep.18, 2014

Announcement of receiving appreciation certificate “SL Ginga”

We inform the news of receiving an appreciation certificate for the contribution of creating new tourism products by producing the interior goods exactly how the designer imagined for SL Ginga, a steam-hauled excursion train which starting its operation on Kamaishi Line since April 2014.

The two big themes were restoring JNR Class C58 239 together with rebuilt former KiHa 141 series. The concept was “for the imaginary journey through experiencing culture, nature, and scenery of Tohoku” and it was such a big project to reenact Taisho Romance when Kenji Miyazawa lived but we managed to complete the production and complete the delivery.

We produced the cross seats, sofa, wooden furniture of the train. As a unique feature, we even produced vibration isolation table for planetarium.
Thanks again for coming from all the way.

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● Sep.12, 2014

Our company has got certified to “KYOTO heartful industry”

Kyoto has been starting to authorize the companies promoting to hire people with disability as Kyoto disable’s employment promoting industries (Kyoto heartful industry) since 2011.

For the further detail, please visit the HP of Kyoto
“Kyoto heartful industries certified company list”


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● Apr.16, 2014

“Tohoku Emotion” the news of receiving appreciation certificate

Our produced interior materials havw been adopted on new modeled restaurant train “Tohoku Emotion” operating its service since October 19th, 2013 under the concept of “riding itself is a goal”. The adopted goods are, each tables, chairs, and compartment seats.

Tohoku Emotion is a train designed by JR East Co., Ltd aiming the restoration assistance and vitalizing local community. You can enjoy the luxurious cuisine featuring local ingredients while watching the beautiful scenery from the train window.

This time, we held the awarding ceremony to present the event of receiving the appreciation certificate by JR East Co., Ltd for contributing to this activity.
Thank you for visiting us from all the way.

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● Jan.31, 2014

Delivered interior materials to JR East Co., Ltd “SL Ginga”

We delivered our produced interior goods to the former KiHa 141 series of SL Ginga which will start its service from April 12th, 2014. We produced the cross seats, partition, all of the sofa, and all of the wooden furniture.

The concept of inside the car is “for the imaginary journey through the culture, nature, and scenery of Tohoku” and it produce the world of Taisho to Showa era that Kenzi Miyazawa lived.

We also made the sofa which is pitched in a traditional way to reenact Taisho Roman.

evived JNR class C58 and KiHa 141 series. The black luster of C58 and the blue gradation which comes from the night sky of the train KiHa 141 look pretty nice.

“SL Ginga” also has a room where you can enjoy planetarium and we made the table with vibration isolating system for installing planetarium apparatus.
The furniture of each area is decorated with many items on display that you can enjoy the “culture, nature, and scenery” of Tohoku and it creates the world of Kenzi Miyazawa (right side of the picture)

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● Nov.13, 2013

Wednesday November 6th, 2013~ Friday November 8th, 2013
“The third railway technology exhibition” our produced railway seat had been exhibited

The third railway technology exhibition has been held at Makuhari Messe 7.8 hall and international conference hall from Wednesday November 6th to 8th.
Our company received an offer from Scottish Development International for this exhibition and we exhibited the railway seats of which seat cover is replaced with the product of Scottish Replin Co., Ltd.
As for the exhibited product, we created two passengers reclining seat by using two different plain -woven seat cover and the long seat covered with genuine leather.

The third railway technology exhibition Makuhari Messe Hall 7.8 (Left)/ each booth at the venue (right)

Scottish Development International (Replin Co.,Ltd) booth 1 (left)/ Scottish Development International (Replin Co.,Ltd) booth 2 (right)

Exhibited two passengers reclining seat using two different plain-woven seat cover

Long seat replaced with genuine leather (left) / Scottish Developing International negotiation scene (right)

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● Oct.31, 2013

Kiyoken Co., Ltd. Yokohama factory, delivered displayed railway seat for the factory tour

Thursday October 31st 2013, “petit museum shop” is opened in Yokohama factory of Kiyoken Co., Ltd.
The concept was train which has a strong connection with Kiyoken Co., Ltd. And you can learn the manufacturing process, the history and anything that you are interested about Kiyoken Co., Ltd. in the video by using our produced seats and operating the 47 model touch panels display which looks like the train window.

Kiyoken Co., Ltd Yokohama factory

Installed railway seat (the window is touch panel display)

Location: post code 224-0044
675-1 Kawamukocho Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa
(open all year around 8:00 am to 18:00)
※from January 1st to 3rd, 8:00 am to 17:00
Remarks: [by car]
Take the Yokohama Motoishikawa Line from the third Keihin road Kohoku IC to Shink-Yokohama
[by train]
From JR Yokohama City Municipal Subway “Shin-Yokohama Station” JR Kitaguchi Station Bus Terminal 5
Line 300 for Nakamachidai Station/ Get off at Kohoku Interchange

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● Oct.21, 2013

JR Kyushu Co., Ltd. “Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu” Installed sweet room bed

We installed the mattress developed in a joint effort with Dream Bed Co., Ltd. for “Nanatsu boshi in kushu” sweet room.
“Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu” is a “first Japanese cruise train” where to enjoy the time you spend in the train and the train was designed by the leading person of industrial design Mr Mitooka Eiji.
The service will be starting from October 15th, the proposal of the new journey is to visit Kushu filled with Japanese attraction such as nature, food, hot springs, history and culture while relaxing in the luxurious sweet room.

The illustration image of “Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu”

The illustration image of sweet room

The mattress developed in a joint effort with Dream Bed Co., Ltd

The illustration image of Nanatsu Boshi train

The scenery of the sweet room (left)/ working crew (right)

Complete view of the sweet room

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● Oct.21, 2013

JR Kyushu “Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu” exclusive bus seat remodeling

We remodeled and delivered the exclusive seat for “Nanatsu boshi in Kyushu”
This bus is converted from previous reserved bus (Isuzu GALA) and the designed is done by Eiji Mitooka same as it the train.
For the remodeled seat, we used the former framework and used wooden material which we succeeded to contribute to recycle.
The painting of the bus is same as the train and the wooden materials are used for the ceiling, floor, armrests, and shelves. The number of the seat is 32 and we expanded the seat pitch. The bus also has a rest room and the sink on the back of the bus.
The service will start on a same day as the train which is from October 15th, and the bus will pick up the passengers at the nearest station and is used for sightseeing.

The image illustration of Nanatsu boshi exclusive bus

Completed exclusive bus

“Nanatsu boshi” exclusive bus completed illustration image

Completed bus seat

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● Oct.19, 2013

JR East restaurant train “Tohoku Emotion” interior goods delivery

Starting its service from October 19th, we delivered interior goods to “Tohoku Emotion” which concept is riding the train. We created dining tables single chairs and private room seat. This train is created as one of JR East’s effort of restoration assistance and local revitalization. The train is running between Hachinohe and Kuji by Hachinohe line. The serving course is a full course lunch from Hachinohe to Kuji and sweets café from Kuji to Hachinohe.

Isn’t it great to have a full course lunch while enjoying beautiful scenery of Tohoku in such sophisticated place? The seats we made this time, we used genuine leather cover for all of the seats.

The unique white brick styled appearance. It is literally restaurant itself. Each specialist contributed to each work such as interior, exterior, art inside, BGM and so on. It is such an honor that we could also contribute to this work.

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● Sep.26, 2013

As one of the events of cross industrial social conference, Czech medical bed maker company (LINET Co., Ltd) and people concerned in total of 6 people visited our company to hold a technology networking event.

Guiding inside the factory (left) / explanation of experimenting facilities (right)

Cross industrial social conference (left) / a commemorative photo at lobby of the factory (right)

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● Sep.23, 2013

Internship acceptance

As we did last year, this year we accept two students from faculty of business administration, career management department at Kinki University and start training at sales and purchase department.

The scenery of training at sales and purchase department

Presentation of the accomplishment 1 (left) / Presentation of the accomplishment 2 (right)

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● Mar.2013

“SL Banetsu Monogatari” business class carriage seats delivery

“SL Banetsu Monogatari” start introducing business class carriage from this year and we produced and delivered business class seats.
The business class is connected to car number 7 and the carriage has panoramic observation room and can accommodate 30 people. The wine-red color of the moquette, back plate and dressing table made from deep brown wooden material and warm color of the indirect lantern create the calm and luxurious seats.

Surofu 12 102 became a business class car and is located on car number 7 which means it is a first carriage towards the direction of Nigata. You can see the landscape during the outward (bound for Aizu Wakamatsu) and for the return trip bound for Nigata, the train will be connected to C57 so you can see the striving of two cars up close.
Also, both the seats and inside the car use warm color and lots of wooden materials to bring out the luxurious and calm atmosphere

The feature of this business class car; panoramic observation room. Many glass materials are used and you can see the best view from there.

The scenery of seats before shipping to the factory

We highly recommend you experiencing the journey with the business class seat and meet the mascot character “Okojo”.

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● Dec.2012

Jumbo Ferry Co., Ltd.’s produced ferry; “Konpira 2” and “Ritsurin 2” operated between Kobe to Takamatsu. We renewed all of the seats.

The whole view of general admission room (left) and lady’s room. Both became very neat.

We renewed the general seats to “Udon province seats”. You can find the picture of udon with chopsticks somewhere on the seat print.

Lady’s seats are renewed to olive seats. We used cute olive prints on for the seats. You can find the leaf prints turned into heart shapes.

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● Sep.29, 2012

Our company appeared on Asahi Shinbun morning edition of Saturday September 29th

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● Aug.20~31, 2012

We held a training session for an internship student accepted from Kinki University faculty of business administration.

Scenery of the training

On the last day, we held a session where the student presents the experience at the actual training with inviting a professor of the university.

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● Mar.2012

Introducing razor cut process machine to Kyushu plant.


We introduced razor cutting process machine and start operating vehicle interior panel process from April 2012.

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● Sep.22, 2011

Suminoe Industries C0., Ltd. was introduced in a TV program, KOKOIRO of ABC ( Asahi Broadcasting Corporation ).

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

A specialized seat manufacturer of vehicles, trains, vessels and other transport machines.

‘Suminoe Industries Co., Ltd is a specialized seat manufacturer of vehicles, trains, vessels and other transporting machines. There are various kind of specialized seats, preserved in the demonstration room of the factory.
Our hard work for the function and ride quality can make your trip more comfortable.
(reprint from the article of KOKOIRO)

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● July 16-17, 2011
A newly developing electric wheelchair, QLORA exhibited in OYANOKOTO・EXPO,
‘taking care of our parents’ at exhibition hall 1, Tokyo International Forum.

Introducing an unique electric wheelchair, QROLA with a new design and solid drivability in order to realize thr goal.
“going out with pleasure” (newly developing in collaborating with Quest Engineering)

Demonstrating drive.

Demonstrating drive / Observation by visitors.

An exhibition hall

New electric wheelchair, QROLA in preparation for exhibition / Scenery of a booth in preparation for exhibition

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● June.04,2011
‘ ASOBOOI ! Let’s have a fun! ’ Delivery of Parent and Child Pair Seat to JR Kyushu.

Delivered Parent and Child Pair Seat in the limited express train of tourism,‘ ASOBOOI ! Let’s have a fun ! ’

‘ White Kuro-Chan Seat ’ in Car No.3

From June 2011, the limited express train of tourism, ‘ ASOBOOI ! Let’s have a fun! ’
has made her debut between Kumamoto and Miyaji by HOHI line.
Car No. 3 was designed for the purpose of making children and even adults happy.
We produced and installed ‘ White Kuro-Chan Seat ‘ for the first time in the world in Car No. 3 for children who could be always seated at window side regardless of train running direction.
Car No.3 is designed just like an amusement park in which all of the family members can enjoy.

The appearance of the limited express train,’ ASOBOOI ! Let’s have a fun ! ’

‘ Kuro Café ’ in Car No.3 and lots of Kuro-Chan drawings on the surface of the car.

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● March.03,2011
Purchase of Zero Emission EV Nissan LEAF

We put Kyoto style designed film on Nissan LEAF in cooperation with Auto Works Kyoto.

Purchase of Nissan LEAF, eco-friendly, 100 % electric vehicle not using gasoline and zero emission.
In cooperation with Auto Works Kyoto, we made the silhouette film to express a distinctive feature of Kyoto with modern image and it also appeals the concept of ‘ The deep rooted company in Kyoto ’.

Nice shot of our Nissan LEAF and AWK’s Nissan LEAF

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● Feburary.21,2011
Inter Larken II
It has re-started its operation with its renewed boat from March

Passenger boat which operates between Imazu and Chikubu island in the Lake Biwa.

The boat operates 4 times/day between Imazu-Chikubu island.
It takes about 30 minutes per trip.

Renewed ferry of ‘Inter Larken II

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● August.18,2010

We have delivered a seats for a rapid express of catamaran, Paipatiroma.(It has been put into operation from August.22nd)

A rapid express of catamaran, Paipatiroma has a service between Isigaki island and Namiteruma island by an hour.(3ships/day) We have delivered the seat for this ship.

The total tonnage: 85t
The capacity of 120 passengers
The crew : 3
This ship can make 30 knots

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● November.13, 2009

"Opening Ceremony of KYUSYU Plant"

Many guests attended the ceremony.

The guests were divided into 2 groups and observed assembly line of KYUSHU SHINKANSEN.
Kyushu Plant aims for an environmental friendly factory.

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● September.19, 2009

"I can operate SHINKANSEN = West Japan Railway Co."

We manufactured and delivered “ KODAMA simulation motorman’s seat for kids” to West Japan Railway Co.

KODAMA is equipped with the simulation seat and started to operate between SHIN-OSAKA and HAKATA , SANYO SHINKANSEN.

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● July.18, 2009

"PANDA-Twins seat" of Limited Express Kuroshio for West Japan Railway Co.

The Panda-Twins seat will appear from tomorrow.

2 units of lovely panda-twins seat will appear in the Limited Express Kuroshio from 19th till next March. The panda-twins seats are installed only in the 4th car of a train which is open to any passengers who would like to take pictures and to have a seat freely.
Kuroshio runs mainly between Shin-Osaka and Shirahama. The idea of panda twin seats came from newly-born baby panda twins at “Adventure World” ( Shirahama-city, Wakayama pref.) last September.
The armrest was designed as a forefoot and the seat itself was designed as a hind leg. You can feel as being hugged by panda bear.
The railway company is facing with the difficult situation due to special discount campaign of express highway toll, therefore the company is trying to promote making a memory of summer vacation by taking Limited Express Kuroshio with Panda- twin seat ."

(18 Jul.2009)

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● March.02, 2009

At the time of renovation of SEIBU DORM, We delivered bench seats at first base side and third base side.

In off-season of baseball game, renovation of SEIBU DORM, home ground of SAITAMA SEIBU LIONS, was done. At that time, bench seats were also renewed.

As a point of advantage, the heater unit can be installed under the seat for winter season. The molded cotton of the environmental friendly materials is used for cushion materials.

Before delivery

The scene under construction

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● October.02, 2008

Started to deliver seats of “Nooriro 200000 limited express” For Korea Railroad Corporation.

In Dec. 2008, Janghang line between Cheonan to Shinchang became double-tracked and electrified. At the same time, KORAIL invested 32 units of “ 200000 limited express” car in 2009 and it started to operate in the name of “Nooriro” between Seoul to Shinchang from June 1st. We delivered all seats of this train.

*Railway carriages by HITACHI,Ltd.

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